All Cabinet Cascade Cabinetry is CARB Compliant. CARB, (the California Air Resources Board) has helped to create laws to protect people & the environment against the harmful effects of formaldehyde. We're proud to say that all of our cabinetry is A-OK in their book! Whether you're in California, New York, or just like to be environmentally conscience. We've got you covered! If you'd like more information on what it means to be CARB compliant
All Cascade cabinets are built from furniture/cabinet grade plywood. The face frames and doors of the cabinets are either maple, oak or birch. No particleboard is used in Cabinet Cascade cabinets. For full cabinet specifications please view our spec sheet.
The wood doors are built from maple, oak, birch or MDF.
Both the doors and the frames are 3/4" thick.
All of our hinges can open at least 120 degrees.
The answer is YES! All the reserve line cabinets are designed so that you can easily choose the swing of the door when assembling the cabinet. As far as wall cabinets go, the frames are identical top to bottom, so you just flip the entire cabinetso the door swings the way you would like it to. For base cabinets, simply remove the hinges where they connect to the frame, flip the door, and re-install the hinges on the opposite side of the frame.
Base Cabinets All base cabinets have 1 half-depth adjustable shelf. Wall Cabinets 42" tall cabinets - 3 adjustable shelves 36" tall cabinets - 2 adjustable shelves 30" tall cabinets - 2 adjustable shelves 24" tall cabinets - 2 adjustable shelves 18" tall cabinets - 0 shelves, 1 shelving surface (floor of cabinet) 15" tall cabinets - 0 shelves, 1 shelving surface (floor of cabinet) 12" tall cabinets - 0 shelves, 1 shelving surface (floor of cabinet) Wall Diagonal Corner Cabinets 42" tall corner cabinets - 2 adjustable shelves 36" tall corner cabinets - 2 adjustable shelves 30" tall corner cabinets - 1 adjustable shelves


You Bet You Can! We can usually get you a design, complete with layout and pictures within about 2 business days.
The blind wall corner cabinet requires 27" of wall space. The wall blind corner cabinet does not need to be pulled out from the wall.
Yes, they most certainly are. You can assemble and install it so that the door is facing either left or right.
Each individual cabinet includes a cut-to-size toe kick for assembly. Once the cabinets are installed you will want to add the TK8 so you end up with a seamless toe kick.


We use the information you provide about yourself when placing an order only to complete that order. We do not share this information with outside parties except to the extent necessary to complete that order.
Yes, normally you can. Keep in mind though it can take a little while for us to pull and package your order though, so you might want to go grab lunch or a snack while you wait.
As a matter of fact they give almost all of the information you need when designing your kitchen. Wall Cabinets For wall cabinets, you can generally break up the item number into 3 parts: There's almost always a "W" at the beginning which simply stands for "Wall". The next two numbers tell you the width of the cabinet. The final two numbers are the height of the cabinet The depth in most wall cabinets is 12", and since it's a universal standard, it's left out of the item number. wall cabinet item number explained Base Cabinets For base cabinets, you can generally break up the item number into 2 parts: There's several prefixes for base cabinets. "B" is for Base (i.e. a standard base cabinet). "DB"stands for Drawer Base (no doors, only drawers). "SB"stands for Sink Base cabinet. "WP"stands for Wall Pantry cabinet. "AB"stands for Angle Base cabinet. The next two numbers tell you the width of the cabinet. The depth for base cabinets is implied at 24", since it's a universal standard. base cabinet item number explained
Ready-to-Assemble (RTA) cabinets are new cabinets, packaged individually, ready for easy assembly on site. Each cabinet door is preinstalled to the face frame. Assembly times vary depending on the type and size of the individual cabinet. Wall cabinets can be assembled in 5-10 minutes and base cabinets in 10-15. Larger pieces such as lazy susans and oven cabinets can take a little longer because of the added pieces.
We reserve the right to change pricing without notice.
You Bet!!! To get dealer or contractor info sent to you, simply send an email requesting info to: info@cascadecabinets.net
Sorry people, we only carry finished cabinetry.
The majority of the cabinets are manufactured in China using lumber from the U.S., Canada and China.

Delivery FAQ

NO! We recommend waiting until the new cabinets are received and inspected before beginning demolition on the old kitchen or bathroom. Although rare, it is possible for delivery to incur unexpected delays and/or receive damage while in transit. In a situation involving delays or damage we will do everything we can to have the issue resolved as soon as possible. We do not want anyone to be without a functional kitchen or bathroom for longer than necessary.
All cabinets listed under the RTA CABINETS heading are Ready-to-assemble. They take between 7-15 minutes to put together. But cabinets can be delivered assembled for additional charge.
Getting an accurate delivery price on cabinets from us is to contact us for the accurate estimate as we charge depending on your location.
Let's be honest no one is perfect, and from time to time we do have materials get damaged in transit. It's highly unlikely it'll happen to you(we currently have less than a 2% damage rate). If it happens to you let us apologize in advance, and rest assured we will do everything possible to get you taken care of as soon as possible. If you notice damage to your order when you receive it, Accept the shipment, noting that there was damage to the shipment on the delivering agent's paperwork. Email us a picture of the damaged part itself, stating your: Name Shipping Address Order # The item # on the box that was damaged From there, we'll ship you order out as fast as we can!
You Bet You Can!